Guide cadeau de la fête des mères pour les mamans modernes


“No need for presents! My best gift is you!”  always tell the mothers when they are asked about the gifts they would prefer. Don’t follow their sweet rejections! It is their day, and you have to make it special. But please, please, please, go above the flowers' level: they are too predictable. We represent a list of unique, jaw-dropping gift ideas that will make your mom speechless.

Portraits of Motherhood

This is an amusing, fascinating, and moving book that represents what motherhood actually means in the 21st century by the example of several celebrities. The stunning and captivating portraits will inspire your mother and remind her about the power of her never-ending job.

Personalized Library Book Stamp

Your book lover mother will be overjoyed to receive a personalized book stamp. That will tell, for example: “from the desk of,” “from the library of,”  “with love from" or similar expressions, and will highlight her connection with her books.

Phone Cases For Smartphone-Lover-Mothers

Does your mother have the smartphone in hand all day long and play with it like a baby with a new toy? She might also like to follow the latest trends and have a comfy phone cover for her device. It will protect the phone from any damages, and she can call you whatever happens and whenever she wants.

What I Love About Mom” Journal

It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. I am sure you have told your mom how much you love her, but have you ever told her why? There are millions of reasons that your mother won't be able to remember when you number. Let the reasons be always with her, in one book. Be honest and genuine to disclose all the sweetest feelings and reasons for loving her.

Backpack For Everyday Use

If your mother is a business lady or an active life lover, you can give her a backpack for everyday use. She can take it with her to the office, campings or wherever she goes. They are practical and suitable for every occasion.

Audible Subscription

If you have a bookworm mother, the most suitable present will be an audible subscription. She can listen to her favorite catalogs, audiobooks, podcasts every time without cutting herself off from other activities.

Spa Luxury at Home

Our mothers are so busy with the daily activities that some of them don't have time for themselves. They don't go to a spa or other caring centers frequently. Time is limited! Take care of their natural beauty and present them with a spa collection.

Personalized Family Name Throw Pillow Case

All the names of her family members can be printed on one pillow. She will happily use it and keep her beloved people's names by her side. What can be more pleasant than the names of her favorite people! To be sure she can put it on display as soon as she receives it, fill it with cotton before gifting it.

iPad / Cookbook Holder

Who is the best cook? My mom! Yes, I know your palate is used to the taste of her dishes. If your mom is a cooking lover, turn her kitchen into a cooking paradise. Among the essentials that you need to buy, don't forget to give her an iPhone/ cookbook holder. It will ensure that her favorite recipes stay within sight.

Women's Tree Dashers

Your mom is passing all day long on feet, running from here to there, and her feet are getting super exhausted at the end of the day. I know, I know… All the moms are the same. We cannot stop her from doing her daily activities, but providing her with comfy shoes for a more relaxed day is in our power.

Oura Ring To Sleep Better

The Oura ring will help your mother to optimize her lifestyle. She can get a clear understanding of her current body status. The ring will demonstrate three personalized daily scores: sleep, activity, and readiness. This high-tech ring tracks the sleep to help your mother understand what keeps her awake at night and even guides her to the problem solution.

The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette

Our moms are the most beautiful women in our eyes. However, it doesn't disturb us giving them a beauty box. The colors of this palette will give them a natural makeup look, and they will definitely love the shades.

Citrus Tree

If she likes to take care of plants, it would be awesome to give her an unordinary plant that will be hardly found in common markets. The plant will definitely find its special and separated corner at her house.

Keep this list in your sight: these present ideas are not only perfect for mothers' day but other holidays as well. You know better than me that the world is full of wonders: why should we stop on the same standard gift choice every year? Be original in your actions, and it will be rewarded!